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The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Monday, 24 April 2017

Trust your vibes. Energy doesn't lie.

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I've adopted a routine these days.
Every morning I meditate and listen to my inner voice.
Whatever it says, I do.
And since then I've been really happier than before.
The evening jogs that I go for have been more of a detoxification of mind than body.

It might seem silly, but for someone like me who has been through so much, even these little bits of joy, satisfaction and fulfilment of self leaves me so content that  I forget those dark days and begin to believe that I can love and live again.

You would laugh, but sometimes my morning desire isn't very demanding, there are days when I long for a tiny piece of cake and then there are times when I want to go places far away.

No matter how trivial this voice and teensy these desires might seem, but trust me, they energise you when you listen to them!

I wish I had always listened to my energy and let it flow free.

I am happy when I hear my inner voice and I realise now I can actually listen to it!

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