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Friday, 9 March 2018

Thanks With A Goodbye

It has been years now, but I find myself getting to know you even more now, may be because your true colors revealed themselves slowly to me! You needn't bother yourself thinking about how well we went together because I won't be asking anybody anything!!
I've found my way out of the hell you created for me and you've found yours, so does it matter?

As I write this down, I still wonder if I'm doing it right, do you deserve a real formal goodbye. Should I really be crying over investing the biggest piece of me in someone so heartless or should I thank myself that it all ended well without me suffering my whole life or dying unnaturally and unknown? I still wonder if I have any words to say and return all your ill will. I guess yes, and here goes the thank you-

“Thank you for listening to me, being my dump bag for all my feelings and secrets! Thank you for taking me at my best and ditching me at my worst, you were of no good I must say! Thank you for taking me for granted and making me your pass time! Thank you for calling me whenever you needed to put something off! Thank you for calling me unfit and leaving me alone in a crowd! Thank you for putting me to a stop when I was feeling low and then making it worse with a nasty rude shallow comment! Thank you for dismissing all my achievements and things that could make me proud and thank you for showing up for all that you promised you'd never be! Thank you for showing me your ego and attitude only because you could find nobody but me who could take it any better! Thank you for giving me a totally amplified emotional ride all the time, making me laugh at one instant and cry at the next! Thank you for tossing all your left over love and care at me like you'd do to a beggar whenever you wanted to clean your space! Thank you for calling me all that could make me feel good for nothing, fit for nothing and go-die- coward! Thank you for splitting me off of my friends only because they warned me of the company I was in! Thank you for making me cry more than you could make me laugh! Thank you for pretending to be the best shoulder when all you were was a damn stake with a killer nail! Thank you for forcing yourself into that special list for those special people in my life just to prove how differently you could lie and ditch and cheat on people! Thank you for all your efforts to make my life as worse as it could be! Thank you for leaving me alone all those nights and days I spent without food and sleep! Thank you for all the tricks you played and for all the sly smiles you gave! Thank you for cheating on me and making me realize I deserved better. Thank you for betraying me and letting me know not all are trust worthy. Thank you for trying to ruin my life and then failing at your own attempt. Thank you for showing me your true colors
before it was too late.

People aren't worth forgiving if all they can do is apologize! There are people who ask for a second chance and then ditch before the next blink! So, I'd like to thank you for spoiling all my memories, wonderful memories, make me hate a whole city, a  wonderful city, and making my life so bitter in a single year that I'm left praying to God not to make me relive it ever again! After all the above, I thank you for all the fake you!

I doubt if I'll ever be able to break up with this strange silent social society that we've created for ourselves. I think it's time to bid adieu, so here's your goodbye.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

That's all!

Not everything in life goes as expected.
Sometimes, in fact a lot of times we are disappointed, I am!
And then we start missing a lot of things--food, friends, family, love, hope and may be lots of other things...
We are humans. Made of emotions.
And when it comes to emotions, we crave for them and fear them at the same time..
It's that sudden surge in your heart to pour  out unconditionally in all directions into everything around you.
That mystery of not knowing the depth of your feeling incites the excitement to fall for it.
And even with the fear of getting hurt while it remains shallow as you fall into it proves that it is for real!
For those who measure and confirm every detail can never get through such unforgettable moments of bliss.
Human heart can't be forced, it is or it isn't. If it is, nothing is can harm it, if it isn't, acceptance is really important. It isn't meant to be handled with caution, it's meant to be passionate and understood sans words.
It is adorned with scars of the past on a slate that can't be rewritten or wiped clean. It just has to be this way, memories are precious - good or bad, we cherish them and we must understand that none of them were futile, they all meant to be purposeful for reasons only the universe knows. We hold on to the lessons of the past and that's selfish. But that's okay because may be because we have been selfless for too long.
Its just that all of us need somebody to talk to, about nothing specific, but just like that, to feel good.
Without any questions or answers, but just to know that somebody, someone is around... That's all.

So, this being the last post of 2017, before I begin my celebrations for NYE, I promise that I'm going to let my heart be free from all the fears and love unconditionally. I'll be selfish yet magnanimous. I'll embrace my flaws and work on my strengths. I'll give up anything that bores me or stresses me out. I promise to take up that hobby that I've been wanting to since years. I'll not let the unknown stop me and I'll let my curiosity develop and divulge the mysteries. I'll pack my bags and strike off all the items on that bucketlist.
So cheers! Here's to a new start! Here's to lots of beer and love and adventures! Here's to 2018!

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

'Aur Batao'

I know you all must be doing really well, but I'll still take the pains you letting you know that I know all about your whereabouts, what you have been doing since the last 13 years. I know about the fight you had with your sister last Christmas and the one before that with your brother over Diwali. I can narrate the list of gadgets you've used till date. I know all your friends along with their surnames, I know of your school crush and college affair. I also know the person whom you secretly hate. I know what you ate a month ago at a local pizzeria and I also know what you pooped this morning.
I basically know your life in and out even though I seldom talk to you.
I must let you know that even though I know it all, I'm least bothered about it.

I'm that nosy neighbour or that wave away friend whom you only get to hear from once a year on your birthday. I am all of us.

Most of the times when I've called to wish you, you know I have secretly hoped that you wouldn't answer the call and save me the embarrassment. I know this when I receive your text sorrying that you were busy and I got the chance of winding it up easily. 

But then there are those unfortunate times when we do cross each other and have had to talk because we forgot our phones and we couldn't fake talking over it as we walked looking away.
It also happens when one of us accidentally answers the unintended phone call.

So what happens when we finally come face to face?

We wave and hug with a big gaping smile as if we've found our joy.
We ask of each other's well being with banal greetings.
Now comes the challenge of keeping the ball rolling.
Neither of us want to be there, yet we are.
We want to wind it up as casually as we can and leave the scene immediately without looking too rude.
But we still continue saying ‘aur batao‘ again and again as no one wants to be the first person to accept the awkwardness and finish the buffet.
It’s like juicing a sugarcane, by passing it repeatedly through the crusher, only to result in garbage which you don't know where to keep.
And if its the festive time of the year, esp New Year, then you've got nowhere to go.
All year long, a boring answer to aur batao  only meant that you had no news.
When it's the year end, suddenly, 'So what are your new year plans?'  becomes the 'aur batao'  of December and there's nowhere to run.
A boring answer to this would only mean that you don't have a life. Even though the world is up kissing and partying, you'd love to laze at home and sleep.
But for the sake of it, deep in your heart you know that you have to nail it for the social trophy of the year. After all, this is what everybody is going to be talking about all summer for who had the most exciting new year's eve.

Before you ask me 'aur batao', I am going to have a really awesome time on 31st. I'm going to travel to the desert and sleep in my PJs.
Any way, if you have any better, exciting and new comebacks to spool the yarn, please batao in the comments below!

NOTE: If you didn't get the sarcasm in this post, kindly send me a New Year's Card with the answers and I'll explain.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Intelligence that irks the fire!

To people who lose their breath when they observe a person conduct themselves and are amused by their confidence rather than their physical beauty, do you find it weird to explain?
It isn’t complicated.
A connection that goes far beyond the physical attraction and sexual chemistry is far more important than any other quality in the long run.
Sounds like a paradox? It isn’t.
It’s sapiosexuality - a simple attraction to intelligence above all.

Now, that doesn’t mean that a sapiosexual person won’t be attracted to the physical grandeur of a person. It’s the conversations and the thinking that they value more which help them go the extra mile in the long run.

Well, a sapiosexual person might not necessarily be turned on by sexy abs or a curvy woman, they might again. Yet, one doesn’t have to be Aryabhatta to please a sapiosexual. All you have to do is observe the everyday life and be stimulating with your words. It’s just that wit and intelligent conversations gets them frisky rather than a musky soft foreplay.

Communication and connection is of utmost importance. Looks might fade, but minds last till the end and that’s what keeps them going. Also, sapiosexuals are more likely to have long lasting relationships; after all it’s the mindset that keeps them together.

They are more interested in what their company knows rather than what they have. They have a zest for knowledge, learning and discussion. Hence, they always have a lot to talk about, provided their company can keep up!

And so, instead of being hyped up on the first date itself, these incredible people are more likely to develop an attraction much later after a few simple stimulating conversations. The mental and emotional connection is what gets them amped up.

Ergo, if you are a sapiosexual or happen to have a friend who’s one, go ahead, take them for a walk and talk!

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